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And a year later…

October 11, 2010

I’m going to try and post more regularly to this, given that I just paid ten dollars to keep registered to its rightful (and somewhat handsome) owner.  Also, for some reason, there are still five or so hits per day consistently registering here.

For kicks, here are some of the Google search terms that drove people to my site (and my comments):

“don’t drink in college” (nice)

“short story of a man a woman and a flowe” (typo intentional)

“why do guys detag pictures” (the answer is that he is just not that into you)

“lighting their fires: raisin” (really??)

“dr. ben jacoby” (my health consulting services run at about $200 an hour. I make housecalls within the borough of Manhattan)

“wives that flash” (this comment goes out to you, the one person who searched for this – I hope my site was a big help to you)

And finally,

“ben jacoby, writer” (I like the sound of that one. That’s why I’m going to try to keep up on this blog)

So, those are the funny ones. I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop, watching the drizzle falling on Avenue A, listening to the thunder cracks, finding myself anticipating the lightning flashes. Two entrepeneurs on my left are planning a competitor for Foursquare and scribbling in notebooks. Two girls in front of me look much older than they are, and they are discussing the med schools they want to attend. The waitress has trouble with her English, but in a good way.

I moved to New York about a year ago. Will I live here forever? Probably not.

But I don’t regret my time here for a moment.


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